You could have guilt-free showers for 7 minutes if WA weren’t losing so much water

Ms Spencer said the 30 billion liters lost in the Perth metropolitan area was equivalent to 30% of the annual capacity of the state’s largest desalination plant.

She said in her report that the utility could cost-effectively recover around 15.6 billion liters, but did not have a clear plan to deal with this huge water loss.

“High levels of water loss pose a reputational and financial risk to the Company, but it does not yet have a clear plan to address it,” she said.

She recommended that the Water Corporation develop a strategy to reduce water loss, which the company agreed to.

In its responses, Water Corporation said that managing water losses would be addressed in the review of its ongoing asset management strategy.

He said he would continue his current work program in the metropolitan area where the investment is less than the marginal cost of water and cost-effectively repair regional projects where the water loss is greater than 15 %.

A spokesperson said the Water Corporation maintains 35,000 kilometers of water pipes across the state, making it the largest water utility in the world.

“Perth’s leak and explosion rate is now the lowest of any Australian capital, less than half the average frequency of other major metropolitan utilities. firefighting and system maintenance, ”he said.

The spokesperson said the utility was on track to reduce water loss in the coming years and highlighted the implementation of better data systems allowing a more mature and complete picture of the network.

“This information helps prioritize maintenance and renewal projects and reduces the risk of unplanned supply disruptions,” he said.

“Some of the innovative leak detection methods used include satellite monitoring to identify leaks on remote pipelines, the introduction of Kep – Australia’s first leak detection dog, and a test using internet cabling at fiber optic for acoustically monitoring pipelines in Perth CBD.

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