Why MainOne and digital infrastructure in Nigeria matter

My first memory of frustration with the Nigerian internet started around 2006 or 2007. During the school holidays my brother and I tried to download as many songs as possible from the internet to avoid missing the latest hits.

But it was no small feat. Downloading a 5MB song took at least three hours. I lived in Akwa-Ibom which probably contributed to the download time, but the internet situation in Nigeria was not exactly great.

Some takeaways:

  • Nigeria has seen significant growth in its Internet bandwidth capacity after the deployment of submarine fiber optic cables in 2010, which has spurred the expansion of the digital economy.

  • Connecting fiber optic cables within the country remains a huge gap that can only be bridged when deployment costs are reduced.

  • Following Equinix’s acquisition of MainOne, we anticipate growth in data centers, another critical infrastructure for the digital economy.

Imagine what disaster communication would have been if a global pandemic like the one we are experiencing had occurred in 2006. Certainly, many organizations we rely on today did not exist and we depend much more on them. Internet communication today. Yet Nigeria would have been worse if we didn’t have today’s communications infrastructure.

These days things are very different; you can download a 5MB file in seconds, at least in most urban areas of Nigeria. This is mainly due to better digital infrastructure, which has expanded the digital economy; from e-commerce to digital payments, fintech, digital media and more. Without the current digital infrastructure, you would probably have a hard time reading this article or any other Business stars article.

What digital businesses need to operate ranges from basic internet connectivity to more complex infrastructure like data centers, which we’ll explore in this article.

Let’s start with the Internet connection.

An essential element of the infrastructure required for

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