Technicolor and Net Lynk Offer New Wi-Fi 6 Routers to UK ISPs

More broadband ISPs in the UK appear poised to start bundling a new generation of faster Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) routers and mesh network devices (repeaters) with their plans, after the split Technicolor’s Connected Home and Birmingham-based Net Lynk have partnered up to make a range of related products available to Internet service providers.

At present, the vast majority of major UK broadband ISPs have yet to ship a Wi-Fi 6 capable router, although we would expect BT (Smart center 3) and others to start doing so in the very near future. The one big exception being TalkTalk, which has started to regroup Amazon Eero 6 kit with their “Fiber of the future»Products (here). A few small full fiber altnet providers also offer Wi-Fi 6 compatible routers.

Part of the reason is that the Wi-Fi 6-enabled kit has only been fully released recently, and the latest kit tends to always be quite expensive (vendors usually offer cheaper models). On top of that, many ISPs still face delays on the supply chain and R&D side (custom firmware coding), which have been disrupted by COVID-19[female[feminine restrictions and shortages in the supply of global semiconductor chips.

The good news is that Technicolor has now entered the ring to come up with a solution. Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few ISPs bundle Technicolor’s lower-cost broadband routers with their plans, and so they’re now quite a household name.

Giovanni Tumino, Vice President of Technicolor Connected Home, said:

“The past 18 months have demonstrated the critical role Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK play in the connected lives of subscribers across the country. The Technicolor Connected Home Wi-Fi 6 Extenders and Gateways that Net Lynk is making available to select ISPs will meet the demand for the growing number of devices requiring Internet access to meet the growing needs of UK consumers.

Sadly, the announcement doesn’t include any solid details about what devices or models they actually offer to offer, although we do assume that some of them will likely be similar to Wi-Fi 6-capable and VDSL2-enabled. (FTTC). Technicolor COBRA M DGA4134 which sells for around £ 120 (quite affordable considering all of the features).

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