TalkTalk Prep UK Digital Voice Service and Hub 2 Wi-Fi Router

TalkTalk, the budget home broadband ISP, seems to be getting closer to launching its own version of a digital voice (VoIP) product to replace analog phone services, which will come with a number of voice options. connectivity. One of them will also include the introduction of a new “Wi-Fi Hub 2‘ router.

Most of TalkTalk’s major competitors have already introduced, or are still introducing, a Voice over IP Replacement of VoIP-based internet phone to be ready for the retirement of legacy analog phone service (PSTN/POTS) by Openreach – expected to be completed by December 2025. Admittedly, this migration has its caveats, as BT’s recent report points out. decision to suspend its own deployment (here), but that’s another story.

Similarly, TalkTalk appears to have started testing its own VoIP service towards the end of 2021, which adopts the same “digital voicenaming the terminology as a product of BT, and some recent comments suggest that the official launch is now very close.

Customers connecting via Digital Voice will be able to do so via one of three main methods. The first is likely to be used with existing customers, which is to send them a Analog terminal adapter (ATA) from Grandstream (similar to Grandstream HT801 which sells for c. £45 on Amazon). This box allows you to plug a traditional telephone handset into the ATA, which also connects to your router and converts VoIP to analog telephone signals.


The ISP will also launch two new digital voice applications for android and iOS based on Smartphones and Tablets, which can already be found listed on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Hope this doesn’t need too much explanation, but it will get customers to their “phone” service almost anywhere, as long as there is a viable internet connection.

The last method involves the introduction of a new ‘Wi-Fi Hub 2‘, which we believe will initially only be available to new customers on superfast plans. The flow ‘Wi-Fi hub‘ router, which is based on the Sagemcom [email protected] 5364 and claims to offer a combined WiFi 5 speed of 1733 Mbps, was first launched four years ago (here) and managed to be quite a capable device at the time of its introduction. But times have changed.

At present, our information on the new router is limited, but some official details suggest that it could adopt a similar design to the previous model, but with the obvious addition of a phone port (FXS) for VoIP. Some anecdotal reviews also said it might have better WiFi performance, but officially TalkTalk told to expect “very similar“Hub 1 WiFi performance (looks more like a minor overhaul).

We asked TalkTalk if they could provide additional details or confirm the likely launch window, but they declined. In terms of price, while TalkTalk’s Digital Voice solution is similar to the others we’ve seen, you shouldn’t expect too much of a difference in cost (if any) between it and older broadband plans with a analog telephone service.

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