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SLT-MOBITEL, the dedicated connection to the Business Internet Line (BIL) of the national ICT solutions provider, delivers unmatched lightning-fast speeds, unmatched resilience and reliability, helping to securely deliver the capabilities demanded by businesses.

Businesses across the country are looking for robust connectivity that improves their agility and efficiency, which is essential for businesses today. Based on this information, SLT-MOBITEL’s BIL provides the most comprehensive and secure high-speed internet to help businesses stay connected.

Among BIL’s many strengths are SLT-MOBITEL’s roles as Sri Lanka’s leading broadband and backbone infrastructure provider, equipped with the largest internet backbone, with a 60,000 km underground network and capacity. connection to more than a million premises.

Celebrating a milestone, SLT-MOBITEL has reached a total Internet capacity of over 300 Gbps currently. With multiple accesses to the global internet, SLT-MOBITEL also offers businesses the best internet solution in the country, ensuring high capacity internet traffic on our global network over various cable systems with reliability and resiliency.

BIL’s strength is also reflected in SLT-MOBITEL’s ability to connect Sri Lanka to the world through its five international submarines such as SEA-ME-WE 3, SEA-ME-WE 4, SEA-ME- WE 5, Bharat-Lanka and Dhiraagu which is interconnected by an extremely reliable and redundant high capacity fiber optic ring.

SLT-MOBITEL is also proud of its investment in the SEA-ME-WE 6 submarine cable system which will soon be commissioned. This will be extremely beneficial for BIL clients as the new system will become a key part of SLT-MOBITEL’s continued focus on content delivery, supporting rich multimedia and video content in the future. SLT-MOBITEL also currently maintains points of presence (POP) in Singapore, France and the United States and connects with the SEA-ME-WE 4 cable via several 100G equipped on the global backbone.

Thanks to BIL, companies have access to a stable Internet connection up to the last mile thanks to high-performance wired connections via fiber or copper. It also ensures high availability and resiliency in the last mile network for critical links within an enterprise.

BIL can provide its clients with high symmetrical upload and download speeds, delivering unmatched data speeds to corporate clients. High-performance, low-latency networks are helping to mobilize businesses on the global stage.

BIL is reinforced by the direct connectivity of SLT-MOBITEL to International Operators. SLT-MOBITEL is also present in more than 10 global Internet exchange points such as Equinix Singapore, Amsterdam Internet Exchange, Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange, UAE Internet Exchange, Any2 Exchange Los Angles, Hong Kong Internet Exchange and the Internet exchange point from Japan, while providing peer-to-peer Content Delivery Networks with over 100 global servers. These strong links and relationships over the years demonstrate the considerable strength of the company in its international network.


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