Public Funds Not Involved in ‘5G Streetlight Project’ in KL, Says Company’s COO

THE RM30.75 million street lamp project in Kuala Lumpur which has been awarded to Sarawak Consolidated Industries Berhad (SCIB) does not involve any government funds and the company has no connection with DBKL.

Ennova Sdn Bhd COO Megat Rozaimi Jaafar said the company needed to clarify the situation as it gave the impression that DBKL was paying for the project.

“We felt the need to set the record straight as this project is funded by our company and it involves the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of 200 units of street lights or monopole in Kuala Lumpur “, did he declare.

Megat explained that the only connection with DBKL was that they were leasing the site where the poles would be built from the local authority.

He was responding to a statement released on Saturday (June 11) by DAP Kuala Lumpur Complaints Office Chairman Lim Lip Eng who alleged the project was too expensive.

Lim had said the project involved the construction of 200 streetlights at a cost of RM30.75 million, or RM153,750 each.

“We pay rent to DBKL for the site and then we will lease it to telecommunications companies,” Megat said.

“We are not the only company doing this. DBKL named 20 more companies as they need the infrastructure to deploy 5G telecom networks.

He added that there will be cases where old streetlights will be replaced with new ones.

“Installing a pole will easily cost between RM50,000 and RM90,000 as there is also the cost of surveying and soil investigation fees to consider.

“These state-of-the-art poles are sturdy and safe for lighting and integrated with telecommunications equipment.”

It was previously reported that a contract has been awarded to Sarawak Consolidated Industries Berhad (SCIB) through Ennova Sdn Bhd to construct and operate 200 streetlights in Kuala Lumpur for DBKL.

Ennova is a telecommunications infrastructure services company. Its work includes the provision of services such as construction, rental, transmissions to operations and maintenance of monopolies.

The project is expected to start in June and end in May 2023.

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