Polling issues due to router issues, according to Middlesex County

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – This morning, many voters in Middlesex County reported technical issues with the voting machines, as they lined up to vote in regional and local elections.

Middlesex County officials said operational issues were reported to the Electoral Council when polling stations opened at 6 a.m.

“It became apparent that the problems were primarily due to connectivity issues with routers provided to the county by the state of New Jersey,” officials told Patch in a statement. “These state-issued devices are intended to connect electronic ballot records to the state-wide voter registration system (SVRS).”

To address the issue, officials handed out provisional ballots as a back-up voting method. County officials said “the connectivity issues have largely been resolved.”

Many cities like Metuchen and Spotswood reported problems Tuesday morning. Read more here: Metuchen Reports ‘Poll Problems’ Due to New Voting Software

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Known as electronic poll books, the devices are used with electronic voting machines and help compile a list of eligible voters from a statewide database.

Electronic poll records require voters to log in on a tablet, claiming they are voting legally in the election. Voters also sign a second booklet where they receive a slip to give to a poll worker to vote.

Middlesex County officials said problems with the voting machines were not isolated in Middlesex County but were occurring statewide.

Ocean County and Jersey City also had problems with the voting machines.

Voters in Middlesex County who have encountered an issue that discouraged them from voting this morning are being urged to return to their polling station to vote.

“Voters who line up at a polling station will be allowed to vote as long as they stay in line,” officials said.

Those with questions about voting or having problems at the polls today can call the New Jersey Voter Protection Hotline at 1-833-NJ-VOTES (1-833 658-6837).

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