Modems and routers for Mac M1

It’s a shame that Apple stopped making its own routers because they had incredible stability and ease of configuration compared to other solutions.

I don’t have a specific product recommendation – I use Synology, but their commitment to their network routers is uncertain (either about to be discontinued or due to a product update). Manages my network very well, even with what must be a mix of 20-40 computing devices and “Internet of Things” smart devices. I have three recommendations:

1) Try to avoid using the equipment provided by the ISP. Combo modem routers aren’t great. If they provide you with one, see if you can put it in “bridge mode” (turn off the functionality of the router to act as a pure modem). Before, I had to restart my ISP provided modem router at least once a month to maintain network performance. I put it in bridge mode and didn’t have to restart it more than once every few months. Now I bought my own modem (cable modem), went for a high end model, and years go by between my unplugging. Let the modem be a dumb modem and let your router handle the hardest part of controlling network traffic.

2) Whatever router you get, don’t discount. Especially with “smart home” devices in the mix, the router has become a critical point for device and network performance.

3) Mesh is a great way to extend coverage throughout your home without having to worry about wires. You should always favor wired connections where you can and try to connect your mesh routers via Ethernet. This should improve the stability and performance of the network, especially if you have a lot of devices on the wireless network.

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