Military’s Link 16 tactical communications will be sourced from Redwire, MDA

The Link 16 Tactical Communications Antenna for the US Army has chosen private companies to meet its needs, with Redwire and MDA working together to create what it needs. The Tactical Communications Antenna will be deployed in space and will provide the military with what it needs to use its secure connections via satellite.

Link 16 tactical communications satellite for the military

(Photo: Redwire)

According to a Redwire press release, the US Army has provided them with a contract, with MDA, to work on the Link 16 Tactical Communications Antenna that they will use for their contact requirements. It will come in the form of a satellite that will transmit the connection from Earth orbit and help provide them with a global service.

Satellite communication is something the military has been using for a long time now, and that is to provide communications from remote areas and areas that don’t have cell towers and connect to their headquarters. The service would further expand the communication tools available to the military and contribute to security and its businesses.

The new antenna will help further expand troop communication access globally, also connecting more Defense needs for its tactical situations.

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Redwire and MDA to produce the Link 16 antenna

Redwire and MDA will provide the Link 16 antenna that will go into space and stay there, and it will connect the communications needs of soldiers on the ground, to the country or to its nearby headquarters. According to SpaceNews, the national LEO satellite would receive the antenna that will connect the tools and further expand the services that the US military needs.

Military commissions for the public

The military has massive technology and many partner companies use its products for the many needs of the government agency. However, there are some who get their hands on US military technology and according to reports, there are some that the Taliban have gained access to regarding their gadgets and devices.

The US military is also focusing on modern devices that they use for today’s wartime standards, and that is with the use of drones that do not require massive human operations. They advise other nations to use drones for their warfare needs, focusing on wireless and remote-controlled devices to do their bidding in times of conflict.

The US military has several antennas and satellites, and it is focused on providing a communication tool that will help connect the military to communicate from remote areas. Redwire and MDA will supply them with the antenna, designed in Link 16 technology, which the military is used to.

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