Integrated weather routing enables shipping industry to put weather at the heart of business decision-making, says ZeroNorth

New technologies now allowing shipping companies to control the weather in real time and achieve tangible benefits in terms of dollars, CO2 and security in all of their fleets, and allowing a decarbonisation trajectory

Press Release – Technology company ZeroNorth today highlighted the changing role of weather routing in the marine industry, as new technologies transfer responsibility for weather control to more individuals within shipping lines and amplify the influence of travel planning on marketing.

Previously, the responsibility of multiple unconnected people with different priorities, weather routing through interconnected and integrated data has a growing impact on marketability – and, ultimately, on the industry’s ability to decarbonize – claims ZeroNorth.

In many cases, today’s services address different elements of a successful vessel operation and provide operators with siled recommendations. While the future of weather routing will continue to enable captains to fulfill their essential role of managing the safety of ships and crews, the navigation data landscape has matured sufficiently thanks to technology platforms, according to ZeroNorth, that the benefits of meteorological data and applications no longer need to be siled. of each of them.

New technological advancements enabling real-time optimizations mean that shipping companies will be able to act on trip planning recommendations with a clear view of their business and sustainability impacts. ZeroNorth says these developments mean that vessel routing decisions will become even more closely tied to successful business and sustainability performance, beyond the critical baseline for ensuring vessel safety.

The positive impact of optimization with integrated weather routing on business performance will only become more significant as the industry shifts to cleaner fuels. The revenue increases will allow the industry to manage its transition to more expensive, low-carbon alternative fuels, as every tonne of fuel saved through weather routing is more money than the industry can put into adoption. clean fuels.

Søren Christian Meyer, CEO of ZeroNorth, said: “Anyone who is involved in the operation of ships knows how important weather routing is. But today we want to highlight the changing role of weather routing and how interconnected data and technologies can enable our industry to think beyond safety margins and use weather to its full business advantage on every route. .

“Currently, we are seeing a fragmented image where the weather is used to solve several disparate objectives. We believe that needs to change. The data has matured to the point where advanced, integrated technologies can truly provide a clear picture of the reality a ship faces on the oceans – and we can optimize ships in real time for the good of the planet, the good of the people. crews and operations.

“As weather routing becomes easier and operations become more connected, we have a duty to try and deploy optimized weather routes that reduce our impact on the planet and improve marketability. In doing so, we will begin to find the profits our sector needs to propel the transition to a green industry.

ZeroNorth’s Optimize Platform now automatically incorporates weather routing into its trip planning recommendations. This means that every route created by Optimize automatically takes into account weather factors for safety and business benefit and transparently calculates the CO2 and USD impact.

By bringing the relevant data together on a single platform, multiple vendors are no longer required to achieve the same results, and operators can work with ZeroNorth and use Optimize to maintain safety, control the weather, improve revenues and reduce emissions. of CO2 at the same time. By using Optimize, operators are empowered to reach the full potential of a vessel and create an optimized voyage plan that can be executed by captains with the click of a button.

In addition, these recommendations are also based on the industry’s leading digital twin models, ensuring that the weather routing tips are interconnected with the actual performance of the vessel.

ZeroNorth is also launching a new 24/7 weather advisory service. The team of weather advisers includes seasoned experts who are available 24/7 to help customers – including operators and captains – navigate any situation a vessel might encounter. The team, which includes meteorologists, master mariners and routing experts, offer advice during the planning phase of the trip, as well as on specific questions during a particular passage.

About ZeroNorth

ZeroNorth was founded to make the tramp industry more sustainable through digitalization. It offers innovative technological thinking, based on more than 90 years of maritime heritage. The company helps ship owners and operators operate their vessels more efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions, support the industry’s momentum towards more sustainable development and increase revenues. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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