“I can’t believe I never thought about it”

A Twitter user brought attention to the platform after sharing a clever hack for if you ever get lost or stuck – and started a chain of other hacks people should keep in mind, especially when traveling alone.

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Pete Eriksen (@terrapinete) shared on October 22: “If you get lost on a hike or get stuck on the road, change your phone’s voicemail to include your approximate location, date, time, and details of your location and locations. projects. If your phone dies, people trying to reach you will have a place to start looking.

“It’s a brilliant idea! ” one person noted about hacking.

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“I can’t believe I never thought about it”, another noted.

For all kinds of reasons, an average of 2,000 people are lost each year on hikes in the United States, according to search and rescue (SAR) data. This number does not include the number of people who get lost in natural disasters or who travel to unfamiliar areas.

Other Twitter users also responded with other hacks they learned about how to contact someone in dire straits.

“SMS messages often go even if you don’t have any bars,” another Twitter user added. “They use the signal your phone uses to ping the towers. So even if you are unable to make a call, an SMS may go through. Send a photo of where you are in a text message.

“Whether your phone displays bars or not, in an emergency, dial 911,” someone noted. “Your call to 911 will use ANY available cellular service, NOT just the one you signed up for. “

However, there is a caveat with this. According to USA Today, which verified a similar claim made during Hurricane Ida, you need cell service or Wi-Fi to edit your voicemail message. USA Today spoke with spokespersons for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to confirm that you need at least a Wi-Fi connection or the ability to dial from a landline to change your voicemail. vocal.

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