How to change the Wi-Fi name

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Check how to change the WiFi name

For security reasons, it is important to change the default name and password of your WiFi. The default password for your WiFi network is not strong enough to protect you from hackers who can find or guess your login credentials and steal your personal information (such as your banking information). It is also easier to remember your WiFi password if you create it yourself. Here’s how to change your WiFi network name and password on your Windows 10 or Mac computer. Before you can change your WiFi name and password, you need to log into your router.

This means that you need to be connected to your WiFi network and know your router’s IP address, along with your username and password. If you have forgotten your WiFi password, you can find it on any computer connected to this wireless network. However, if you have too many routers of the same name or too many connections nearby which are also difficult to detect and this is the main reason for renaming WiFi is to have a simpler connection name to connect to. Internet .

How to change the Wi-Fi name

Follow the instructions below which may be a bit short as there are many routers whose admin panel instructions may vary a bit from others, but in the end the steps below are the basics that can help you. help quickly change WiFi SSID.

  • Open your browser then enter the IP address of your router, which is access to the administration panel of your router, for example:
  • Enter the username and password on the login page to access your router’s administration panel
  • Go to your admin panel settings, then click on wireless settings
  • In the wireless settings, you can check the SSID name or the name of the wireless network, which you can change to your preference
  • Once the WiFi name has been changed, click on the Save button and you will be able to change the WiFi name from the administration panel of your router.

Final words: How to change the name of WiFi

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