High-speed connectivity for up to 60 devices at a time, find out how!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than one. Most of us still work from home, which was unimaginable just two years ago. But even as we embraced it, working from home was not without its challenges. This is because each member of the household uses the Internet connection for work, education or entertainment. While broadband providers like Airtel introduced high speed connections (1 Gbps from Airtel), faster internet was not enough.

Take Sharmila Sahay, for example. As a media professional she has to take interviews all day long, which means a lot of video calls. Her two children attend online classes every day and her husband also works from home. While their internet claims to be high speed, Sharmila and other members of her family constantly struggle with connectivity issues.

She has found that their internet speed decreases when everyone is using it at the same time and sometimes disconnects completely.

Is there a way to alleviate this problem?

Yes there is now. In addition to the 1 Gbit / s broadband connection, Airtel also released an industry first router. The best thing about this router is that it is not only capable of providing the full 1 Gbps wireless bandwidth, but it can also support up to 60 connected devices at the same time. Airtel recently conducted a stress test where they were able to provide stable and fast internet to 60 devices at the same time. So with Airtel Xstream fiber, koi load nahi, because it is able to meet the internet needs of the whole family.

You can now stream HD content on Netflix while someone else in the house is attending a video call and no one will notice a drop in speed. This router is also a necessity in 2021 because not everyone in the house has one but several devices that need to connect to Wi-Fi. Whether smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, smart speakers, tablets or anything else.

What are the other advantages of this router?

This is a dual band router, which means it supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, which decongests network traffic and improves performance. Essentially, it means that users have the freedom to connect to their preferred network, depending on what they’re doing.

In addition, the high gain antennas provide wider coverage, allowing your computers and mobile devices to access the internet without any hassle. Faster downloads and smooth streaming will no longer be a dream.

Your dual-band router has various other advantages. For example, the USB storage device can be connected to the USB port of the router, and the router can be easily used for data sharing. In addition, intelligent technology prioritizes Internet traffic as well as wired and wireless network traffic.

It doesn’t end there – your internet connection is not only reliable, but also more secure. With cyber phishing and other suspicious activities common today, Airtel offers Secure internet to its customers. This service provides virus protection, malware detection, content filtering, and even intrusion detection, all at an affordable cost of 99 / month. Moreover, it has study mode and work mode which helps you to use the internet without any distractions.

Doesn’t that sound like something that will make our work from home a lot easier? It would certainly make Sharmila’s job easier.

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