Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 router test

Gryphon is a newcomer to the Wi-Fi market, arriving during the wave of security and privacy a few years ago. With privacy and security more important than ever, Gryphon turned out to be a superb platform when we reviewed their initial offering in 2018. A few months ago they released their latest solution, Gryphon AX, and like Its name suggests, this platform has taken a few updates incorporating Wi-Fi 6 technology.

The hardware on this platform includes an ARM-based quad-core processor, 1 GB of memory, and 512 MB of flash memory. It is a tri-band solution with a single 2.4 GHz band operating at 600 Mbps and two 5 GHz bands – one at 1200 Mbps and the other at 2400 Mbps. One omission from this platform is the lack of support for the 160 MHz band, which has become a suitable replacement for wired clients with Wi-Fi 6. It offers two gigabit ports, one for WAN and one for WAN. ‘other for the LAN.

The MSRP of the Gryphon AX is $ 279 for a single unit, and a two-mesh pack is available for $ 479.99.


The packaging includes a branding image centered on the router above.

Testing the Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 03 |

The back includes a few features listed, the contents of the package below.

Testing the Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 04 |

We have an Ethernet cable, AC adapter, and playback hardware included in the box.

Testing the Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 05 router |

Gryphon AX is a white tower, similar in design to previous solutions. We have a single mark at the bottom with an LED above.

Testing the Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 06 |

The rear includes the I / O. We have two gigabit ports, LAN and WAN; power below and reset to high.

Testing the Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 10 |

Gryphon Connect is the Gryphon AX configuration and management application.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 11 |

Gryphon keeps its configuration and management behind a user account, there is no way around this, but it only takes a few moments to configure.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 14 |

Once you have accessed the account and the first setup steps, you will be given the option to configure SSIDs and passwords.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 15 |

Configuration complete, we have the dashboard. This includes an internet speed test on the right and a data usage meter on the left. You can also turn off the Internet on all devices.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 16 |

Gryphon includes the option of Advanced Internet Protection and Homebound for $ 90 per year.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 17 |

In the speed test, our results offered 463 down and 23 up.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 18 |

Operating through the app, Gryphon allows you to create users, add them to a profile, and then assign users to devices.

Testing the Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 router 19 |

The settings of this router include WiFi and LAN / WAN configuration as well as higher level features like DDNS, QoS and malware protection.

Testing the Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 router 20 |

Additional preferences allow you to choose the theme of the app as well as the LED light, time zone, etc.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 21 |

The Wi-Fi settings allow you to change the main and guest network options. You can also manually select the channels for both bands and change the Wi-Fi security.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 30 |

I quickly did some tests with the Gryphon AX to get an idea of ​​the performance. With our Xenia 14 laptop with AX201 installed, the Gryphon AX gave us an average throughput of 104 Mbps with the 2.4 GHz band.

Gryphon AX Wi-Fi 6 Router Review 31 |

For 5 GHz, we ran the same test three times and came away with a pretty solid 900 Mbps average, with a few peaks exceeding 1000 Mbps, in both cases limited by the gigabit LAN connection.

This being my second tested Gryphon platform, for parents who want the utmost control over their child’s content, this platform offers that in a remarkably easy-to-use package. The ability to create users and then assign them to devices means that a push of a button can quickly change Internet access to a multitude of devices at once. Optionally, this platform can also eliminate malware and provide network-wide ad blocking capabilities.

In testing, the Gryphon AX was an average platform; retained by its 1 Gbe connection when operating at 5 GHz, but this means that you will saturate your ISP connection before reducing the performance of the hardware of the router itself. In mesh operation, the additional 5 GHz band will lend itself to high speed backhaul where previous platforms require a wired connection.

Overall, despite this rig’s strong selling features behind a pay wall at $ 89 per year, I like the Gryphon AX. It’s easy to set up and has a good amount of configuration available for those who want to dive. I would definitely love the next platform to deliver increased throughput by opening up 2.5Gbe and maybe 160MHz WAN and LAN connections!

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