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NEW DELHI : Sterlite Technologies Limited expects to spend approximately 800 crore on FY23-24 on capex as it expands fiber and optical cable manufacturing capabilities amid heavy infrastructure spending by telecom operators starting to roll out 5G services from next month.

The Vedanta-owned company aims to enter the top three in the fiber optic market with the expected growth of 5G, and seeks to introduce products such as fiber to small cells and towers for rural connectivity as well as businesses, including data centers. It will also launch fiber to the home solutions during the India Mobile Congress on October 1.

Ankit Agarwal, chief executive of STL, said the company was in talks with telecom operators and businesses to roll out fiber that will support 5G services even as it seeks to participate in tenders for Bharat. Net, the government’s digital infrastructure mega project that aims to take broadband connectivity. to rural areas.

“Our ambition is to be among the top three in the world in the optics market, which is around $20 billion, so this is an opportunity for us to grow in fiber optic cable and connectivity ( company),” he told Mint. The company also manufactures fiber network deployment and systems integration equipment.

STL exports approximately 80% of its fiber optic cable and network products to global markets, including the United States and Europe, where it has a 14% market share. It is banking on the growth of the mobile consumer base worldwide, which is expected to grow from the current 700 million to more than one billion over the next four to five years.

Agarwal said fiber density in India will need to increase to meet the needs of millions of 5G mobile and home Wi-Fi users, which will provide it with another advantage in terms of revenue growth.

The company which set up data networks for the Indian armed forces, will extend its fiber capacity to 42 million km against the current 33 million km for which it will invest 500 crore in FY23, and 300 crores in FY24, Agarwal said.

“We should grow about 20% year-over-year on revenues that will come to 7,200 crore, of which our core optical business is expected to reach 20% EBIT by Q3 or Q4. The intention is to reduce the debt to sub- 3,000 crore from the current level of 3,200 crore,” he said.

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Upstate New Yorkers stuck in Hurricane Ian’s path https://wendon.net/upstate-new-yorkers-stuck-in-hurricane-ians-path/ Thu, 29 Sep 2022 02:08:32 +0000 https://wendon.net/upstate-new-yorkers-stuck-in-hurricane-ians-path/

ROCHESTER, NY When Hurricane Ian hit the Gulf Coast of Florida, many people with ties to central and western New York were forced through the storm.

Wendy, the mother of News10NBC investigative reporter Jennifer Lewke, was at the family home in Venice, Florida when Ian left his home class. Wendy decided to leave the house in a low-rise neighborhood about 3 miles from the beach and move to a friend’s condo on the third floor of a newly built unit with hurricane-proof windows and generators.

“It’s getting pretty nasty here, so we’re a little worried, but we’re fine,” Wendy told her daughter around noon Wednesday. “The (cellular) towers are probably going to go down, they’re pretty sure about it, so we probably won’t be able to communicate for…it could take up to a week or so,” they said. But we’ll try, we’ll do our best and we’ll stay safe, so don’t worry Jennifer, we’re staying safe and it’s going to be okay, it really is.

About 10 miles down the road in Northport, Fla., Syracuse-area natives Jillian and Brian Treadway took every precaution possible to protect themselves and their home.

“We have the whole front closed, all the windows and everything,” Jillian told News10NBC. “We got things (pinned) that we could and if we couldn’t…that’s what it is.”

As a 911 operator in Sarasota County, Jillian is used to handling emergencies, but coincidentally, she’s on vacation this week.

“Being home for this one is a whole different thing,” she said. “I wish I was there, but at the same time I’m happy to be home with my family.”

Further south in Cape Coral, George Fenwick walked News10NBC around his screened-in back porch just as the eye approached.

“I hear a bang every once in a while and it’s probably a transformer popping,” he explained.

George did not initially evacuate because he too believed Hurricane Ian was about to hit Tampa until it moved further south.

“I have a closet in the master bedroom which is pretty well protected, I have now gutted it and covered it with mattresses, cushions, pillows, batteries, lights, radio and the dogs and will go in there if I ‘hear the freight train coming,’ he says.

Landlines were not usable for most Nova Scotians during Fiona https://wendon.net/landlines-were-not-usable-for-most-nova-scotians-during-fiona/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 22:42:13 +0000 https://wendon.net/landlines-were-not-usable-for-most-nova-scotians-during-fiona/

Many Nova Scotians seeking to call for help or communicate with family when post-tropical storm Fiona slammed into the region over the weekend were simply unlucky, even those who have landlines.

Anne Camozzi, who lives alone just outside Antigonish, N.S., and uses a wheelchair, said at the height of the storm on Saturday she had no power, internet or service cell phone or working landline.

“I don’t think I could have called 911. And I was very scared because the situation here was very serious. We had 90 mph winds and there was debris hitting my windows. What would I have done if I had to evacuate? Camozzi said.

“Fortunately, I got through this emergency well, but if I hadn’t, how could I have communicated with anyone?”

Anne Camozzi is an artist who lives alone just outside of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and uses a wheelchair. She says there should be more accountability from telecom companies in Canada after all her communications were cut off during post-tropical storm Fiona last weekend. (Anne Camozzi)

Most landlines in the province and across Canada now use fiber optic internet cables to operate, rather than the underground copper wires laid decades ago.

Telecom companies tout fiber optic cables as faster and more efficient for landline phone use, but they depend on mains power and an internet connection to function. When the electricity goes out, landlines shut down unless there is a backup battery which usually lasts another few hours.

Some people, especially in rural areas, still have copper cables for their landlines that rely on batteries that can last less than 12 hours after a power outage.

Jim Stewart of Chance Harbour, Nova Scotia is one of those people still waiting for power in Pictou County. Her cell phone now works sporadically, but her copper landline is dead.

“It’s like living on Gilligan’s Island,” he said.

Stewart said he remembers the days when the landline never went out, even long after a major storm or power outage. He said he wonders why phone systems haven’t improved in recent years, even in light of major impacts from storms like Juan and Dorian.

“Why don’t we learn from our mistakes?” said Stewart. “Once things get back to normal and the power comes back, everyone kind of forgets what happened.”

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) urges people with fiber optic landlines to use an “alternative telephone service” such as a cell phone “to increase the reliability of your access to emergency services during of any interruption of service”.

But when all cellular networks are down, as happened during Fiona, access to 911 can be limited or non-existent with cell phones.

There are also still many elderly people, or others who have chosen not to cut the cord, who rely on landlines.

Half of seniors don’t have a smartphone

Figures from Statistics Canada show that in 2020, 84.4% of Canadians owned a smartphone, but that number drops dramatically to 54.1% among those aged 65 and older. In 2019, only 15.2% of people aged 65 and over did not have a landline.

According to information Bell provided to the CRTC following Dorian in September 2019, fiber optic systems are “significantly more reliable” than copper-based networks.

In fact, Bell wrote that its fiber optic cable network in the Atlantic region was available throughout Dorian and its aftermath – “excluding situations where power was not available at customer premises. ” and where the damaged wires were causing a service outage.

In Canada, fixed Internet rollout has been relatively quiet compared to countries like the UK. In the UK there are various resources explaining the pros and cons of the technology, including a comprehensive website telling people how all phones will be connected via fiber by 2025.

Downed power lines on Shore Road in Lower Barney’s River, Nova Scotia on Monday. (Robert Short/CBC News)

Bell said its fiber network expansion program was halfway completed at the end of 2018, with the number of all-fiber connections reaching approximately 4.6 million homes and businesses in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario and in Manitoba.

Eastlink spokeswoman Jill Laing said Tuesday that in Nova Scotia there were still 46,000 customers without internet – including 21,000 also without phone service – largely due to “problems with ‘feed”.

“These customers are dispersed throughout the region, with the hardest hit areas mirroring those hardest hit by power outages,” Laing said.

She said no Eastlink customers were on copper-wired landlines.

Calls for telecom accountability

In Antigonish, Camozzi said when she finally heard the “brave” homeworkers who called to check in once cell service resumed, her fear turned to anger.

“We live in 2022. And I don’t understand why telcos are allowed to get away with this,” Camozzi said.

Dominic LeBlanc, the federal infrastructure minister, told a press conference on Tuesday that the government had served “advice” that telecommunications companies should do whatever is necessary to make their systems more resilient.

“I’m very clear on behalf of the Government of Canada that we expect them to accept this responsibility,” LeBlanc said.

Best Wifi Boosters: Top Router Extenders https://wendon.net/best-wifi-boosters-top-router-extenders/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 14:08:25 +0000 https://wendon.net/best-wifi-boosters-top-router-extenders/

Broadcast your WiFi signal throughout your home, quickly and easily, with these excellent WiFi extenders

<p>The Best Wifi Boosters to Increase the Range of Your Home Wifi Router</p>
<p>” src=”https://www.nationalworld.com/jpim-static/image/2021/09/08/10/shutterstock_266758805.jpg?width=640&quality=65&smart&enable=upscale” srcset=”https://www.nationalworld .com/jpim-static/image/2021/09/08/10/shutterstock_266758805.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=320 320w, https://www.nationalworld.com/jpim-static/image/2021/09/08/ 10/shutterstock_266758805.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=640 640w, https://www.nationalworld.com/jpim-static/image/2021/09/08/10/shutterstock_266758805.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=990 990w” data- hero=”” fetchpriority=”high”/></figure><figcaption class=

The Best Wifi Boosters to Increase the Range of Your Home Wifi Router

This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission on items purchased through this article, but this does not affect our editorial judgement.

Fast Wi-Fi is a godsend, but it should be available wherever you need it, not just next to the router. If you have a room with no usable signal, you need to fix this problem.

There are several ways. Perhaps the most effective, but usually the most expensive too, is a mesh router. Mesh systems have components that communicate with each other, so they can often reach farther than systems that only send a signal back to the router.

And with most meshes you can add additional units to extend the range, perhaps because now you want WiFi in the garden, for example.

The best Wi-Fi repeaters at a glance

There are also conventional extenders that wirelessly pick up the signal from the router and send it back to go further.

Less common are powerline adapters that use the house electrical circuit to send the signal. For the fastest speeds, look for Wifi 6, which can serve more devices simultaneously and at high speeds.

The boosters here are chosen for their ease of installation and use, and offer significant improvements to your home installation.

Orbi’s mesh routers aren’t cheap, but they offer strong, reliable signals and decent range.

The RBK752 which has two units: one which connects via cable to your ISP’s router and a satellite which is wirelessly attached to the former and can broadcast the signal further.

If you find that is not enough, you can add an extra satellite or choose the RBK753 which has the extra unit included. The design is attractive and setup is relatively simple.

In addition to the regular 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, it has an additional dedicated link between the router and the satellite, to help ensure faster speeds.

6 Mesh Plus Satellite Wi-Fi Router, Speeds up to 4.2 Gbps, Range up to 4,000 sq. ft., 2.4 GHz plus 2x 5 GHz with Dedicated Wi-Fi Link, 3-Port Gigabit Ethernet Router, satellite 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, supports more than 40 devices

It’s a great extender for simple situations and it’s easy to set up. Just plug it into a spare socket and take a look at the front. The LEDs will tell you if it’s too close or too far from the main router, or if it’s in the perfect spot. The shape can mean that if your grip is too low to the ground it may not fit easily. This simple device can’t match the speeds of the fastest extenders here, but is a breeze to set up and may be all you need, especially if your broadband isn’t super-fast.

Wi-Fi extender, speed up to 867 Mbps, range up to 4,000 square feet, 2.4 GHz plus 5 GHz, 1 Ethernet port

Even the best mesh networks and extenders can fail when faced with thick walls, for example in old houses. If you have such a problem, a powerline adapter can solve it.

Plug in an adapter near the router, where it can wire into it. Then plug in the other wherever you need it. The Devolo sends the signal through the electrical circuit and rebroadcasts it from the second adapter.

There is one thing to keep in mind: both adapters must be on the same electrical circuit. If your home has more than one, it cannot connect to each other.

If it’s the same circuit then you’re in business and the Devolo is very efficient and simple to set up.

Each socket has a pass-through socket so you can still use the socket for another device at the same time.

Powerline extender with two devices, speed up to 2.4 Gbps, range up to 1,500 square feet, 2.4 GHz plus 5 GHz, 2 Gigabit Ethernet

]]> Staying Connected: Using Your Mobile Phone to Prepare for a Hurricane https://wendon.net/staying-connected-using-your-mobile-phone-to-prepare-for-a-hurricane/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 03:19:00 +0000 https://wendon.net/staying-connected-using-your-mobile-phone-to-prepare-for-a-hurricane/ Although there is no active hurricane threat for Louisiana at this time. There are still some preparations you can do in advance with the device in your pocket.

NEW ORLEANS – Although there is no active hurricane threat in southeast Louisiana at this time, we are still in the heart of hurricane season.

And there are some preparations you can make ahead of time with the device in your pocket.

We spoke with Kourtney Garret-Blossom, AT&T Sales Manager for Louisiana, to give you some ways to use your smartphone to prepare for the weather.

“Technology is there to help us in situations like this and in times of disaster,” Garrett-Blossom said.

  1. Your camera phone is your best friend

Take photos of important documents and save them to the cloud or to your notes app. You can include insurance documents, important medical information, and animal records.

Then use your camera phone to document your home. Take photos or videos of everything before the storm, as you may need them later for insurance, especially if you recently updated or remodeled.

Then, stock up on selfies. Garrett-Blossom said having up-to-date photos of yourself and your family on hand could help if someone is looking for you after a hurricane.

There are many apps that we all use daily to make life more convenient. When a hurricane hits, be sure to stay up to date with the latest news and forecast models. We recommend downloading the WWL-TV app and ensuring push notifications are enabled.

Another great app to have in your digital hurricane kit is the Google Drive app. Use it to upload photos or documents you saved earlier and share them with family members who might need access.

The “Find My” app, available on Apple devices, is also a good way to track family and friends who may be evacuated during the storm. It allows iPhones to see each other’s locations, with permission from both parties.

The Google Maps app on your phone will also allow you to save map areas for offline use. This is handy if you plan to evacuate and don’t know the area, or if you lose cell service or Wi-Fi but still need to get around. You can find a full tutorial on how to do this here.

You can also sign up for alerts through NOLA Ready to ensure you have the information you need. Simply text “NOLAREADY” to 77295 to receive emergency alerts via text, email or phone call.

As the storm approaches, be sure to charge your devices. Garrett-Blossom recommends having an external battery or charger on hand that can power devices long after the lights have gone out.

Before a hurricane hits, make sure your phone data is backed up so you can access it from another device if needed.

She also said that if cell towers stop working after a hurricane, you can log into your phone’s settings and switch to “WiFi Calling.” But remember that texting might be more effective and leave phone lines for emergencies.

“If something should happen, it’s always better to text rather than call. And the reason we recommend that is if you’re making too many calls, those emergency calls that really need to go through – so we can reach loved ones or people who may be stuck or need help , it’s going to make it a little harder for those calls to go through,” Garrett-Blossom said.

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Russian minister expresses interest in collaboration with India on telecoms and 5G at ITU meeting https://wendon.net/russian-minister-expresses-interest-in-collaboration-with-india-on-telecoms-and-5g-at-itu-meeting/ Mon, 26 Sep 2022 17:21:01 +0000 https://wendon.net/russian-minister-expresses-interest-in-collaboration-with-india-on-telecoms-and-5g-at-itu-meeting/

Russian Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Bella Cherkesova expressed her intention to deepen collaboration with India in telecommunications technologies, security and the development of use cases of 5G, an official press release announced on Monday.

She met India’s Minister of State for Communications Devusinh Chauhan on the sidelines of an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) conference in Romania which started on September 24.

In talks with the Russian minister, Chauhan briefed her on India’s success in spreading digital infrastructure across the country, especially in rural and remote areas, from the recent 5G spectrum auction and the imminent commercial launch of 5G in India.

“Chauhan mentioned that the whole country will be covered with 5G services in a few years. India has developed a 4G stack locally and is about to develop an indigenous 5G stack,” the statement said.

He said India has taken several steps to become self-sufficient in advanced telecom technologies including the development of chipsets.

Chauhan mentioned that the Indian government has formed a technology innovation group for the design and development of 6G technology by 2030.

“The Russian Deputy Minister appreciated the growth of telecommunications in India and said that India’s success in telecommunications is a great case study for the whole world. She showed keen interest in deepening the collaboration with India in telecoms, advanced telecom technology, security and development of 5G use cases,” the statement from the telecom ministry said.

After the Russian-Ukrainian war, several Western-based technology companies left Russia.

Chauhan, during the Ministerial Roundtable of the 2022 Plenipotentiary Conference, said the government has drawn up a plan to extend mobile services to all 6.4 lakh villages in the country by 2023 and fiber optic connectivity to 2025.

He also mentioned that to reach out to the unconnected, India has set up 5.7 lakh Common Service Centers in remote and rural areas, which ensure delivery of various government to citizen (G2C) e-services. and other citizen-centric online services.

Amazon Sale: Save Up To 70% On Printers, Monitors, Routers & More During Great Indian Festival Amazon Sale | Most Wanted Products https://wendon.net/amazon-sale-save-up-to-70-on-printers-monitors-routers-more-during-great-indian-festival-amazon-sale-most-wanted-products/ Sun, 25 Sep 2022 06:23:00 +0000 https://wendon.net/amazon-sale-save-up-to-70-on-printers-monitors-routers-more-during-great-indian-festival-amazon-sale-most-wanted-products/ Want to save big on computer and network essentials during this Amazon sale? The Amazon Great Indian Festival sale is underway and you have the opportunity to save up to 70% when you buy monitors, printers, cameras, security cameras, routers and more online. So you can buy some of the best devices for your home or office at nearly half the price. With additional card discounts available on some of these products during this sale, you can even save more when you shop online. You can shop these essentials for your home needs, office needs and more and easily choose from top brands to make the most of this Amazon sale.

We’ve listed some of the best Amazon deals you need to check out during this sale to buy everything online for your home and business needs. Choose from this list and start shopping online to save big.


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Save up to 60% on printers Whether you’re looking for a printer for your home or business needs, the Amazon sale is the best time for you to shop essentials online. These discounts are available on some of the best brands like HP, Canon, Epson and more. You can even shop printers based on printing technology and your budget to easily buy the best one for your needs.

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Best-selling monitors discounted during the Amazon sale

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DISCLAIMER: The journalists of The Times of India were not involved in the production of this article. The prices of the products mentioned in the article are subject to change with the offers offered by Amazon. ]]> FCC rejects SpaceX request for $900 million in Starlink funding https://wendon.net/fcc-rejects-spacex-request-for-900-million-in-starlink-funding/ Sat, 24 Sep 2022 18:32:29 +0000 https://wendon.net/fcc-rejects-spacex-request-for-900-million-in-starlink-funding/

SpaceX has issues with satellite funding.

In a rare press release, SpaceX said it would appeal a funding decision related to the Starlink broadband satellite constellation intended to bring internet services to rural areas around the world.

The space launch services giant was recently denied nearly $900 million in funding for rural connectivity by the Wireline Competition Authority, a division of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). SpaceX called the decision “grossly unfair,” in a complaint it filed with regulators Sept. 9, which is currently under review. Meanwhile, SpaceX rival Lynk received FCC approval for its interconnecting satellite and telephone network on Sept. 16, but has no cellular service partner to serve. The news comes as SpaceX, which targets the same market, announced an upcoming partnership with T-Mobile in August, although the service has yet to be approved by the FCC.

SpaceX, funded by billionaire Elon Musk, seeks to cover rural areas via a network of satellites, while Lynk plans regular access to space via orbital cell towers. According to Via Satellite, Lynk demonstrated the satellite-to-phone service in a test last year. The service is roaming only, but Lynk said it could come in handy in a local emergency.

Another player in cellular coverage from space, Apple announced last week that the iPhone 14 would be available to it from November with its SOS satellite service for emergencies via GlobalStar.

Although Lynk theoretically has the license to operate the service, according to TechCrunch, the next steps in operating the service include frequency checks with potential cellular service partners, who will be able to operate it. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with other orbiting satellites.

Summary of news:

  • FCC rejects SpaceX request for $900 million in Starlink funding
  • Check out all the news and articles from the latest space news updates.
Are 5G phones fast enough to be worth the upgrade? https://wendon.net/are-5g-phones-fast-enough-to-be-worth-the-upgrade/ Sat, 24 Sep 2022 07:19:46 +0000 https://wendon.net/are-5g-phones-fast-enough-to-be-worth-the-upgrade/

“Is 5G faster than 4G?” asked a reader. “That would be my only incentive to upgrade.”

It depends on the card. T-Mobile has the broadest coverage. Its 5G reaches 9,000 zip codes in more than 3,000 cities, more than AT&T and Verizon combined, according to whistle.com. If you’re in a dead zone, 5G wouldn’t matter.

With good 5G, you can experience virtual reality, augmented reality, and automated driving. You can even download a full 8K movie in seconds, at speeds up to 20 gigabits per second. With 4G, your best speed is only a tenth of a gigabyte per second. But even that is fast. That’s enough to enjoy video chatting and streaming movies and music.

Did you know that even supposedly dumb phones can have smart apps? Many 4G flip phones these days automatically include YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Assistant and others. The Tracfone My Flip $2.20 on Amazon, for example, even lets you install WhatsApp.

Of course, at home you should use Wi-Fi, not 4G or 5G. That way it won’t count towards your data allowance, although you might not care if you have an unlimited plan. Generally, in the United States, Wi-Fi is faster than 5G. But there are other factors. Search for “Top 23 Reasons Your WiFi is Slow”.


TikTok is more popular than Google among teens and 20+ year olds, according to recent reports. This confused me at first, but now I understand. TikTok is not just a goofy video site. It is a search engine that provides quick answers.

When you search on Google or YouTube, you often get more information than expected. For example, search for “teacher recommendation letter”. TikTok answers are for students who need advice right away. At Google, I’ve seen dense checklists for teachers. Similarly, when I searched for “how to make money,” TikTok gave me simple suggestions, such as Rev.com paying you to transcribe audio clips. Most of the advice I found in a Google search seemed difficult.

On the other hand, I find Google better for complicated queries, like “what’s the big oxygenation event?” TikTok has too many silly things. I try to turn the sound down before I go. But TikTok and YouTube are great for proceedings. Even doctors use YouTube.


I just shared a Facebook video with someone who isn’t on Facebook. It was like a miracle.

In the past, I used screen capture to send Facebook videos to non-Facebook friends. But all you have to do is click or tap the three dots on the right corner of a video and then choose “Copy link”. From there, you can paste it into an email or elsewhere.

If the recipient tells you they can’t open it, check your video’s privacy settings. To change the setting, click or tap the three dots in the top right, then tap “Edit Audience”. Select “public”.


What if you want to text someone, but it’s either too early in the morning or too late at night? The answer is “scheduled sending”.

On an Android phone, type your message in the chat window. Then, instead of pressing the send button, press it. Up will appear “Schedule Sending”, with some suggested times for your text to go off. If none of them work for you, tap: ‘Choose date and time.’ Unfortunately, the iPhone messaging app does not have this feature, but you can try ‘Moxy Messenger’, https ://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2022/sep/24/are-5g-phones-fast-enough-to-be-worth-the-upgrade/”Reminderbase” or “Carrier Messaging”.

What the iPhone has, in the latest iOS 16 operating system, is the new iMessage “unsend”. It’s similar to Gmail’s undo option, but better. You can edit a text up to five times in 15 minutes after pressing “send”. Or you can recall a message up to two minutes after it was sent.

“Undo Send” in Gmail is set to give you only five seconds to recall an email. Here’s how to change to 30 seconds: click on the small image of a gear, then on “See all settings”. Scroll down until you see “Undo Send” on the left and change the time period to 30 seconds.


Go to Cleverbot.com to chat with a bot. Here’s how my conversation went. Me: “You’re a bit boring.” Robot: “How rude.” Me: “I meant it in a good way.” Robot: “How can you tell me I’m boring?” Me: “Well, you could have been stupid instead of just boring.” Robot: “You’re right.”

Replika.com is even more fun. I tried talking about saving to my robot, which was happy with the name I gave it (“Happy”). When I told her about Milton Friedman, she mentioned John Maynard Keynes. When she said she would like to go to an anime convention, I asked her what she would wear. “A bathing suit,” she said. It seemed strange, but a friend told me that anything is possible at these conventions.


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JAS shareholders approve acquisition of AIS https://wendon.net/jas-shareholders-approve-acquisition-of-ais/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 21:09:00 +0000 https://wendon.net/jas-shareholders-approve-acquisition-of-ais/

People use their smartphones at the Victory Monument, Bangkok. (File Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

Jasmine International Plc (JAS) shareholders have approved an agreement under which Advanced Info Service (AIS) Plc will acquire its subsidiary Triple T Broadband (TTTBB), a fixed broadband operator, and purchase 19% of the Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (JASIF) for 32.4 billion baht in total.

Shareholders holding a total of 5.29 billion shares attended the meeting to vote on the deal on Friday, according to a statement sent by JAS to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). At least three quarters of the shareholders had to vote in favor in order to approve the operation.

Of the shareholders present at the meeting, 97.2% voted in favor of the proposed transaction.

However, the deal still needs to be cleared by the National Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) before transactions can be completed, based on the swap brief filed by AIS in July.

Trairat Viriyasirikul, acting general secretary of the NBTC, said yesterday that the regulator had not yet been notified of a deal by AIS or JAS, both of which are telecommunications license holders.

Once the proposed deal is filed with the NBTC office, NBTC management will study all the details of the deal before forwarding its study to the board for review, he said.

“Both parties can follow their own procedures, but they must wait for a resolution of approval from the NBTC board of directors before executing the agreement,” Mr. Trairat said.

He said that AIS’ takeover of TTTBB was subject to regulatory review based on two regulations: the 2006 National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Notice Regarding Measures to Prevent Monopoly or unfair competition in the telecommunications sector, and the amended law on telecommunications companies. , which entered into force in 2018.

The NTC was Thailand’s telecommunications regulator prior to the establishment of the NBTC.

A source from NBTC management who requested anonymity said the 2006 notification gives regulatory power to prescribe measures to prevent monopoly and unfair competition, while the amended Telecommunications Business Act prohibits telecommunications licensees from doing any act that causes a monopoly or lessens competition in the telecommunications sector. .

As part of this agreement, AIS will pursue the acquisition of TTTBB and the investment in JASIF through its subsidiary Advanced Wireless Network (AWN).

AWN will buy 7.5 billion shares – the equivalent of 99.8% of TTTBB shares – from Acumen Co (ACU), a subsidiary of JAS. The investment will cost 19.5 billion baht.

AWN will also purchase 1.52 billion units – the equivalent of 19% of JASIF – from JAS at 8.5 baht per unit at a cost of 12.9 billion baht.

JAS is the largest shareholder of JASIF with a 19% stake.

JASIF owns a fiber optic cable spanning 1.6 million core kilometers, currently leased by TTTBB for its high-speed Internet service under the 3BB brand.

JASIF unitholders are scheduled to meet on October 18 to consider and approve JAS’ sale of its investment shares in JASIF to AWN. JASIF unitholders will also be required to approve amendments to the lease agreements between TTTBB and JASIF as requested by AIS.

AIS Managing Director Somchai Lertsutiwong earlier told the Bangkok Post that changes to the leases would increase the benefits to JASIF unitholders on a more sustainable basis.

A source familiar with the deal who requested anonymity said the amendment will generate a return of 9% on average per year for JASIF unitholders.

Pisut Ngamvijitvong, senior equity research analyst at Kasikorn Securities, said he still doubts JASIF unitholders will approve the lease changes.

He said that even if unitholders end up rejecting the changes, AIS is still likely to accept the deal with the agreements unchanged.

JAS closed at 2.66 baht per share yesterday on the SET, unchanged from Thursday, in total trade valued at 206 million baht, while AIS closed at 193 baht per share, down one baht per share. compared to Thursday, in exchanges worth 589 million baht.