Don’t pay more than you should! Best buys in August

Consumer Reports pro tip: Don’t buy all of your school supplies at once.

GREENSBORO, NC – Back-to-school shopping is in full swing. It will run from mid-September to the end of September, and you’ll likely see deals on all the tech devices you’ll need, whether they’re laptops, computers, printers, or routers. wireless.

A good approach when shopping for back to school items is not to try to find everything at once.

Consumer Reports tracks the prices of many of its most tested products throughout the year, so it knows exactly when they’re getting a big discount. Here are the ones to look out for in the best time to buy this month.

Computers are the first to benefit from a large discount. CR found the Mac Mini for $ 649 on Amazon. It shows fast speeds in CR performance tests and scores well in owner satisfaction.

Then strengthen your connection and secure it by upgrading your router. The Netgear Orbi Mesh Router System costs $ 97 on Amazon. CR says he performed very well for medium and long distances in his tests.

Another item that can go a long way this school year is a tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet costs $ 530 on Amazon.

And finally, you can at least try to keep that college dorm or any room clean with a robotic vacuum.

The Eufy RoboVac costs $ 220 on Amazon. CR claims this extremely quiet model excelled at cleaning and navigating a specially designed test lab. Vacuums, in general, tend to go on sale year round, so you should never pay top dollar.


Broadband Emergency Benefit is a temporary help for households that cannot afford broadband Internet service. You are eligible if: you have lost your job or been on leave, have an income below or equal to 135% of federal poverty guidelines, use assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid or Lifeline, or you are currently a Pell Grant recipient. Any family with one child who receives a free or reduced price lunch is included.

First, check the Federal Communications Commission website to see if your ISP is participating in the program. There are three ways to apply:

 Contact your supplier to learn more about their application process

 Apply online at

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