Dima Update – a poem to his mother

June 2 – In February, The News Courier brought you a story about the Hill family in Cullman County. The biological families of Molly Luba Hill and Stephanie Hill live in Ukraine, including Molly’s brother, Dima. He is currently a member of the Ukrainian army on the front line to defend against the Russian invasion. Molly’s mother, Becca Hill, provided updates as she was able to get them.

The last update came at the end of April and since then Dima’s posts have become less frequent. On May 17, Dima sent a message saying he was “good”, but said that phone service was down in Ukraine because the Russians had bombed cell towers.

On Tuesday, Dima voiced his concerns for his family.

“Well, now the situation is not very good, every day they started shelling Nikolaev a lot with artillery, especially the area we live in, and so everyone is holding on. Now they have difficulties. There is little work and the prices are There is a catastrophic lack of money,” Dima said.

“The saddest thing is how much I miss my family, and how much I just want to take a leisurely walk in the park, along the embankment, without thinking of anything or worrying,” said- he said Wednesday morning June 2.

Dima included a poem he wrote for his mother. The poem has been translated from Ukrainian to English.

“Mother, don’t worry, your son will arrive soon.

For the last time but I will come.

Dear mother, don’t worry, your son is already leaving.

I will tell you in the spring how much I love you all.

Dear mother, don’t worry, I’m fine here. I am already free.

I had to be here, I had to die for all of us – for our freedom, for my sister, for my blood brother.

Dear mother, don’t worry, your son will be here soon.

You will see him for the last time. You are going to kiss me for the last time.

Mother, don’t worry, I’ve done everything.

That’s how it was supposed to be.”

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