Councilor Kozachik faces the challenge of a political newcomer in Ward 6 | Local News

The city has invested millions of dollars to fix the problem and may have to spend more while waiting to be reimbursed by the Defense Ministry, the incumbent said.

Kozachik said he wants to tackle the problem regardless of when that federal money arrives to ensure Tucsonians have clean drinking water.

“Our role is more than just relying on the federal government; our role is to manage and monitor the issue right now with Tucson Water, ”he said. “We are actively involved in monitoring this problem and we may even have to pay for it. “

Romero’s top priority is to strengthen the Tucson Police Department through staff increases, a long-standing problem in Tucson and nationally.

The police department here has a shortage of around 12% of sworn officers when trainees who cannot be deployed to the community are taken into account. City officials said the problem was due to a lack of qualified candidates.

Romero’s plans to bring more officers to Tucson by promoting community engagement with the police. He said he would consider a marketing plan to highlight the benefits of policing here, such as hot weather.

“I know there was a lot of community monitoring in the past where the community, a neighborhood and some officers there kind of got together. They would have meetings, they would get to know people, ”Romero said. “It’s just about bringing the community together where we work together rather than working against each other”

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