CMC Networks Selects Juniper Networks for AI-Driven SD-WAN

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CMC Networks became the first Juniper Networks partner to deliver an AI-powered SD-WAN solution in Africa.

With this solution, CMC will be able to provide a dynamic and self-optimized network that will create an optimal experience for CMC customers, allowing them to easily change their services, add new locations, and scale up and down. network speeds. In addition, time-to-market is dramatically reduced, allowing CMC to deliver services faster.

Using Juniper’s unique Session Smart Router technology powered by Mist AI, CMC creates a unique tunnelless solution designed for scalability and agility, coupled with automated provisioning, management and troubleshooting for maximum availability, performance higher real-time traffic and lower operating costs in and urban environments.

“SD-WAN is not a new technology and every SD-WAN drive provides customers with speed and power over the network,” said Geoff Dornan, CTO of CMC Networks.

“However, digital transformation strategies require a high level of intelligence, support, and the ability to support business critical applications – attributes that many SD-WAN vendors cannot provide. Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN gives CMC a level of intelligence and operational visibility that we have never seen before. “

CMC chose the Session Smart Router and standardized on Juniper’s Topology and Service Exchange Protocol (STEP) to navigate network traffic with real-time data information.

The Juniper solution also includes Secure Vector Routing (SVR), an intelligent routing architecture that enables CMC’s network to differentiate the way it delivers applications and services to end users.

The Juniper Session Smart Router (SSR) enables agile, secure and resilient WAN connectivity allowing every session to be secured with zero trust access by default.

“Juniper’s AI-driven SD-WAN solution, powered by our Session Smart Router and Mist AI, allows us to focus on optimizing the user experience,” said Sue Graham Johnston (photo), vice -President and CEO of Juniper Networks.

“We recognized early on that networks must be application sensitive to support changing business demands and to deliver the highest levels of user experience.”

CMC has deployed Session Smart Routers in Africa for the past three years, with the intention of expanding its presence in other regions.

Additionally, CMC is planning to deploy additional cloud-hosted services driven by Mist AI, including WAN Assurance and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant.

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