China’s 5G user penetration rate reaches 20%

Ding Yun, chairman of the Huawei Operators Business Group. [Photo provided to]

China’s 5G user penetration rate has crossed the 20% threshold, meaning rapid 5G development will follow, according to a senior executive at Huawei Technologies Co.

Ding Yun, chief executive officer of Huawei and chairman of its carrier group, said carriers will only realize business value when the penetration of 5G users is high enough.

In countries like China, South Korea, and Kuwait, carriers quickly provided continuous nationwide coverage, giving users a consistent experience. They also offer flexible service packages, which provide a mutually beneficial outcome for both users and themselves, Ding said at the 2021 Global Mobile Broadband Society Forum held in Dubai last week. .

High-quality 5G networks will lead to rapid growth in mobile data traffic, according to Ding. It is estimated that the average data traffic per user per month will reach 600 GB by 2030. If the energy efficiency of existing networks remains unchanged, the energy consumption of wireless networks will be more than tenfold.

The senior executive said that to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the information and communications technology industry by 45%, telecom operators will need to pursue continuous innovations in power, distribution , use and management to build greener 5G networks with higher performance and lower power consumption. Huawei said it has offered a full range of products and solutions that address the power consumption issues of wireless networks.

Ding said Huawei has already deployed low-carbon site solutions in more than 100 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Greece, Pakistan and Switzerland, helping operators reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 million tonnes. As a player in the communications industry, Huawei will continue to place green development at the center of everything it does and develop innovative solutions to build greener 5G networks around the world.

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