5 easy steps for your home internet

Home wi-fi services have become imperative like never before, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. With extended periods of homework extending into the second half of 2021, your wi-fi at home is also a crucial part of your life like any other. On that note, …

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CMC Networks Selects Juniper Networks for AI-Driven SD-WAN

38m | Natalie Bannrman CMC Networks became the first Juniper Networks partner to deliver an AI-powered SD-WAN solution in Africa. With this solution, CMC will be able to provide a dynamic and self-optimized network that will create an optimal experience for CMC customers, allowing them to easily change their services, …

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Pro tip: check internet reliability before moving

Bill Gates once said, “The Internet is becoming the global village square of tomorrow. The Internet is such a part of our lives that not having access can become a sticky counter. Most people forget that depending on where you live, your provider, and the equipment you use, the reliability …

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