Cell towers

Summer heat is coming this week

The Hudson Valley had pleasant weather this weekend as temperatures remained in the 70s until the afternoon, under mostly sunny skies. As this week approaches, it is expected to get even warmer, bringing the region its first glimpse of summer weather. Monday’s highs will remain in 1970s lows, under partly …

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New device is powered by 5G signals captured in the air

5G: The 5 gigahertz frequency band used to transmit a new generation of Wi-Fi signals. antenna: (in physics) Devices for capturing (receiving) electromagnetic energy. cell: (in telecommunications) A technology which relies on a large number of base stations to relay signals. Each base station covers only a small area, called …

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AT & T-Discovery deal would create a media juggernaut

[Latest news: AT&T and Discovery announce deal.] Less than three years after AT&T spent more than $ 85 billion and millions more to push back the government’s challenge to buy Time Warner, one of the media’s biggest prizes, the phone company has decided on a completely different strategy. AT&T is …

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