Berlin launches plan to provide high-speed internet access to 500,000 homes

Berlin launches plan to provide high-speed internet access to 500,000 homes

Decision will accelerate the Gigabit strategy and help Germany promote the digitization and adoption of 5G

On October 6, Berlin announced that it would extend the “Gigabit Strategy” by launching a joint project with Vattenfall Eurofiber. The city will use the company’s expertise to provide a massive increase in fiber optic coverage and connect more than 500,000 homes and businesses by 2026.

This is a major evolution of the previously announced parameters of the Gigabit strategy, which focused more on to coordinate efforts between public and private actors with the population. The new company will significantly accelerate the adoption of 5G technology in the German capital and ensure that it does not lag behind in digitization.

The new optical fiber for everyone

Vattenfall Eurofiber is about to invest millions in the city of Berlin and local authorities will support this intention in any way they can. This is what representatives of the State Senate and company officials said in a statement yesterday. This in turn will contribute to the rapid expansion of broadband in the city and state, and allow hundreds of thousands of people to access super-fast internet.

The company will use its advanced technology to lay most of the fiber optic cables over the existing capacities of the city’s heating ducts. This decision will significantly reduce the cost of installing cables and lead to minimal disruption to infrastructure due to significantly reduced engineering work.

In addition, access to the new fiber network will be open to all Internet service providers, creating a typically German and highly competitive climate for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Christian Rickerts, Secretary of State for the Senate Department of Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises said: “Berlin is rapidly implementing its Gigabit strategy and supporting the expansion of high-performance broadband networks. All citizens benefit from good data connections, because they are the basis of the strength of our economy and of our social participation. “

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