Agri-Valley Services plans to install fiber optics in Elkton

Faster internet speeds are soon making their way into Huron County.

Agri-Valley Services plans to bring fiber optic service to the village of Elkton, with the necessary work scheduled for 2022.

Two representatives from Agri-Valley Services, Brenda Kelley and Terry Brown, spoke at a town hall meeting in Elkton last Thursday, explaining how the facility will operate and answering questions.

“This is our first fiber-to-the-home project in Huron County,” said Kelley. “It’s a reason to celebrate. “

Brown said Elkton approached them to see how Agri-Valley could provide this service, as residents said they wanted other hard internet options besides Comcast. He added that while construction will take place, it is something that communities have learned to embrace as it also helps property values ​​increase /

“COVID has really made people realize over the past few years how important a good internet is, with homeschooling and people working from home,” Brown said.

Kelley said that all the fiber optic wires would be underground, that they would be fiber optic all the way to the modem in the house to the Wi-Fi router.

The pedestals that carry the fiber optic connection to homes would be in the right-of-way, not on people’s property. The number of homes to which each pedestal provides services depends on how they are designed. Kelley said they won’t be taller than her leg and will be painted green, so people can look past them as they get used to their presence.

“What will happen is an engineer will walk around town and put wooden stakes with numbers,” Kelley said.

These stakes would indicate the location of the plinths. Their sites haven’t been designed yet, so Kelley doesn’t know how many pedestals will be installed.

The resulting internet speed service plans that Agri-Valley would offer upon completion include 100 megabits per second for downloads and uploads, 200 megabits per second for uploads and downloads, and 300 megabits per second for downloads.

Brown said Agri-Valley has installed fiber optic service in Sanilac County communities like Deckerville, Peck and Sandusky, and is working on projects in Port Sanilac and Lexington. He is also working on the conversion of certain Pigeon digital subscriber lines to optical fiber.

“When we did Sandusky I don’t remember an incoming call,” Brown said, adding that a Lexington resident called just so the pedestal could be moved away from the vines and hidden by a rose bush.

Kelley and Brown both pointed out that while Agri-Valley would be the one to install the fiber optic connections, residents do not have to choose Agri-Valley as their ISP.

Kelley said the service is for anyone who wants to use it, whether they are residents of a home, apartment or business. Looking to the future, Agri-Valley would like to offer this service to other areas of Huron County as well.

“The Eichlers (the owners of Agri-Valley) are doing it because they believe in this community and this region,” Brown said. “You have Elkton employees speaking on their behalf. The Eichlers do it out of pocket.

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