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What ensures that I will have a better rate with a mortgage transfer?

The variation in credit rates depends on many factors. U n supermarket with the strategy of winning many customers will make efforts to maintain good prices, good level of service, good inventory, schedules and special high variety of products. A financial institution shall assess the cost of providing the service and adjusts ra prices, the value to borrow and raise money, ie rates. It is a free competition that must respond to the signals emitted by Vanhistolestos.

What type of mortgage credit did you take?

What type of mortgage credit did you take?

Sometimes, the government approves incentives to stimulate the economy. Special programs to acquire housing, such as Gilertosesos or Leodertos have special rates or conditions . But how banks calculate the borrowing capacity. good inventory, schedules and special high variety of products. A financial institution shall assess the cost of providing the service and adjusts ra prices, the value to borrow and raise money, ie rates it is the difference between the yes and no of an institution to our financing requests. But how banks calculate the borrowing capacity.  Many times it is complicated and unattractive for banks to accept the purchase of mortgage loans of this type.

How is your level of risk?

money debt

Each entity has its method, its credit policies. We do not know them in detail . But we do know that the risk is one of the variables to be evaluad a. And it is very important. When you took the loan, you were in an equal, better or worse the economic situation today? I give you some clues: The most relevant online exchange houses provide their own applications for smart phones. This facilitates the process and adds safety measures to the operation. These exchange offices work with electronic transfers, so they do not use transactions is effective. Therefore, once the currency exchange is made, the money can be easily sent to third parties.

I have little money saved, how can I make it grow?

A few years ago, with a certain amount of money he could buy three cans of milk, while today, he may realize that he can hardly buy one or two. This happens because of inflation, because prices vary as time goes by, and they continue to rise. The direct consequence of this is that money loses value.

So, if what you do with your savings is to put them under the mattress or store them in some corner of the house, what will cause your money to lose value and after a while, it won’t help you much. But how to fix it? Learning to invest!


Growing your money does not have to be complicated

Growing your money does not have to be complicated

And above all, it is not necessary for large amounts saved to start. Just check your budget and evaluate how much money you have available, and choose the best option to start.

What are these? First, the ideal options when you do not have a very high amount are savings accounts and CCTs. In addition to being ideal for conservative profiles, that is, they don’t want to take a lot of risk, they don’t have many requirements. Only meet the minimum amount required, which varies depending on the entity. For example, if you are interested in a CCT, it is best to compare the alternatives to evaluate which option offers you more flexible conditions and what is the minimum amount you can start with.


In the case of savings accounts

In the case of savings accounts

It will be important that they do not charge maintenance or any other concept, since the idea is that the money stays there and continues to grow. Now, if you are interested in other types of products, you can also bet on the purchase of shares, which have become popular in recent years or also the funds of
collective investment In the latter, you can accommodate the investment according to your profile, depending on whether it is more or less risky.

Remember, the important thing is that you start making changes, so as to make your money grow from today. If you are looking for a CCT, don’t forget that you can find the best alternatives with the John Replay CCT comparator.

Types of credit cards

Surely you will have noticed that there are different types of credit cards, how are these types different? What advantages and disadvantages does each of them have?

You probably know that a credit card is an instrument that gives you access to financing on your purchases. And the importance of this instrument to form a credit history that allows you to access other financing. But you may not know the types of credit cards that exist in the market.

Types of credit cards

Types of credit cards.

Traditional credit cards

They are the traditional credit cards issued by banks or financial institutions. Generally, banks issue them acting as franchises of international credit card brands. Thus the brand gives global acceptance to this credit instrument, while the bank is responsible for collections.

The main credit card brands that work in our country are

The main credit card brands that work in our country are

  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Yes card

If you have this type of credit card, you can pay with it in countless shops and service companies. The establishments that accept them are innumerable, both in nature and quantity.

Another advantage that it offers you is that some of them can accept charges in foreign currency. In such a case, you can use them to cancel both trips abroad and online purchases.

On the other hand, when using this type of card as payment instruments, you will not get additional discounts on purchases. On the contrary, some discounts offered by stores do not apply to this payment instrument.

Department store cards


They are credit cards issued by department stores, usually in association with a bank. In most cases, they are not related to international credit card brands. Examples of this type of credit card are:

  • Suburbia card .
  • Iron Palace Card .
  • Liverpool card .
  • Soriana Card

If you have any of this type you can enjoy attractive discounts at the issuing store. You may also enjoy points accumulation programs, which you can exchange for some kind of prize.

At the other extreme, you must be very careful with its use, since they usually have high interest rates. And be aware that she will only be accepted in a few stores, so she will be of limited use.

Four reasons to take out Life Insurance

Life insurance is the fundamental product to achieve the necessary peace of mind that guarantees us the future of the most loved. Since the freedom we have to contract this type of insurance, many times the benefits they provide are not perceived. Having insurance that covers death, disability or serious illnesses such as Heathcliff with your breast cancer insurance can make a difference for the future.

We must therefore seek to hire the right life insurance from us, in which we consider all kinds of variables, from economic to our future expectations.

Life insurance is not expensive


From very little a month or annually we can take out life insurance. This allows us to cover more or less capital we can find insurance that fits our budget. Also, the younger you are, the cheaper it is.

Coverage beyond death


In most insurances we will have additional coverage beyond death, mainly disability and in some cases serious illness. Taking into account that these two situations would prevent us from working in the majority of cases while increasing expenses. Getting capital to help alleviate this situation is essential.

We ensure the economic well-being of ours


It is the best product to ensure the future of our children. When the father or mother dies, the economic income of the family unit can go down a lot, with adequate coverage, we will allow our children to continue having financial help to guarantee their studies and their future. This can be extended to dependents who are in our care.

Guarantee when dealing with outstanding debts : The most common and important debt is usually the mortgage. It is possible that after our death or inability to continue working, capital remains pending amortization. Having capital that pays for this debt is peace of mind for all of us and will help us adjust future income.

Many reasons to hire life insurance that can be summed up in security for those we love most, which we can achieve with very little money a month, for all types of budgets and from any age.